Halloween Tea Party Ideas to enchant your kiddos

Halloween Tea Party

Halloween is right around the corner.  Are you ready?  Here are some fantastic ideas that will make your Halloween tea party celebrations more festive.

Veggie Tray for Abbey's Bday (Freeze pumpkin for 24 hours after carving to keep dip cold during party):

Pumpkin Spice Tea Cocktail




This dip platter is easy & decorative.  And to make the pumpkin theme complete, serve your guests our Pumpkin Spice Tea Cocktail! 

Halloween cheese plate. Halloween appetizer. Use cookie cutters to cut pumpkins out of cheddar and ghosts out of a white cheese (havarti used here):


Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers?  This creative idea to make Halloween themed cheese slices is brilliant and will delight your guests. Old Fashioned Cocktail with Cozy Comfort Tea Enjoy it with our Cozy Comfort Tea Cocktail (right) or pair with our new Mary Shelley Green Tea, which features a spooky Frankenstein label (see the label in our featured image).

Halloween Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Witches Brew Soup by Denise Torres Awesome idea for a fun lunch! Use your favorite tomato soup & put pesto sauce in squeeze bottle (mustard/ketchup bottles) to add the swirl... Holiday cookie cutters make cat, bat & pumpkin shaped sandwiches (grill whole sandwiches, then cut into shapes) But, to include kids in prep pre-cut asst bread & cheese slices & let them make their own combinations... Optional White bread for Ghosts & Pumpernickel Witches:

These black cat sandwiches and witches brew soup pair beautifully with our Edgar Allan Poe tea!   The brew is earthy with a hint of smoke and brews to a blood red color.  Perfect for your Halloween tea table!Edgar Allan Poe Tea





Deviled Dragon's Eggs -- love this simple idea for a Dragons and Knights…:

Serve wonderfully webbed deviled eggs and make a bold statement for your ghoulish guests!  Serve with our Orange Spice Tea ToddyOrange Spice Black Tea Toddy (right) or our Ginger Pear Black Tea Toddy (below)Ginger Pear Tea Toddy





Perhaps your party will be populated with young witches and little goblins?  There are so many fun treats to offer that will thrill your little guests.

  Mummy Hot Dogs                                          Vegetable Dip Skeleton                   Jack o’ Lantern Burgers

  64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/68/9a/f3/689af3bc21ab5d8b57a88a7c38793693.jpg

Monster Melon                                                              Mummy Cupcakes

64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas                     







Spider Cookies                                                                      Black Cat Cookies











Then to make your Halloween tea complete, serve some delicious caffeine free tisanes to your young guests.  Some suggestions for Fall themed teas are Apple Pie Chai, Orange Cranberry tisane, Rooibos Chai, Rooibos Orange Cranberry.  See more options on our Herbal Blends pages and our Flavored Rooibos pages.


Whether for adults or for children, Halloween tea parties are the most devilishly fun-filled theme parties of the year!  Happy Halloween!


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