New Teas from around the Globe

Great news from the tea sippers at Simpson & Vail. We’re thrilled to offer you 16 new teas from around the world! We had a very enjoyable time sipping samples of various teas before settling on the selection below.


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Yunnan Cangyuan Organic Black Tea

Cangyuan Yunnan Organic Black Tea

This exquisite organic tea is grown in Cangyuan county, a remote location in western Yunnan.  It is comprised of long black and tippy leaves interspersed with ample golden buds.  It brews to an amber colored cup with the slight aroma of pipe tobacco and a smooth, creamy, slightly sweet full-bodied taste.


Da Hong Pao Organic Oolong Tea

Da Hong Pao Organic Oolong Tea

This exquisite Oolong tea comes from the Song Meng Garden in the Anhui province of eastern China. This region, with its temperate climate and rich soil, is known for its exceptional teas. Our Da Hong Pao tea has large black leaves with a slightly earthy aroma. When brewed, the tea emits a smoky, woodsy aroma in an ecru colored cup, with a taste of roasted nuts, slight smoke and a wonderful toastiness.  Multiple infusions are possible.

Special Snow Dragon Green Tea

Special Snow Dragon Green Tea

These leaves are a mix of green leaf and white downy (snow) buds.  The aroma is fresh and vegetal.  It brews to a pale green cup with a light, delicate floral taste.  Truly exquisite!




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Nepal Pathivara Organic Black TeaOrganic Gold Pathivara Black Tea

Pathivara Gold tea consists of large black and golden well formed leaves that brew to an amber cup with a delicate yet full flavored taste.  The astringency that is found in many high-grown Himalayan teas is present in the cup although it is slight.  The taste is smooth with a slightly sweet rose taste.  A truly delightful cup of tea that we are thrilled to offer.


Nepal Guranse Organic Oolong TeaGuranse Estate Organic Oolong Tea

Specially picked from selected high altitude sections, this delicious organic oolong is a lightly rolled, semi fermented, hand sorted whole leaf tea. The dark brown, twisted, tippy leaves brew into a pale amber cup with a sweet, mellow taste and a delicate fruity aroma and flavor.



Vietnam Ha Giang Organic Black TeaHa Giang Organic Black Tea

Our Vietnam organic black tea comes from the Ha Giang province in northern Vietnam along the Tay Con Linh mountain range. Grown at an elevation of 1300 feet above sea level, the black, slightly tippy, leaves of this Vietnam tea brew to an amber cup with a mild astringency and a smooth, slightly earthy taste.  A delightful afternoon cup!



Assam NokhroyBlack TeaAssam Nokhroy Estate Black Tea

The black, slightly tippy leaves brew to a dark amber cup with a woodsy aroma.  The brewed cup has the malty flavor profile that characterizes Assam teas with a pleasing, light peppery finish.



Assam Marangi Black TeaAssam Marangi Estate Black Tea

This tea from the Marangi Estate has uniform black and golden leaves and is graded as a FTGFOP (finest tippy golden flowery orange pekoe).   It brews to a rich, amber colored cup with a slight cocoa aroma with floral and woodsy notes.  The taste is malty with a balanced astringency and a smooth, slight cocoa finish.



Korean Joongjak Organic Green TeaJoongjak Organic Green Tea

These vibrant green leaves have a fresh, exquisite vegetal aroma.  This tea brews to a light jade color with a delicate, creamy vegetal taste.

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We’re thrilled to offer these new teas and we hope you enjoy them.    All teas are available in 1 ounce sizes, so you can try a small sampling.  Please let us know what you think!

Happy sipping!

Cyndi Harron
Cyndi Harron
Cyndi Harron
Cyndi Harron is the co-owner of Simpson & Vail, Inc., a family owned and operated tea company.

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